(What happens when you ask for a Free File Review?)

It’s a happy moment here at Booklet Printing, LLC when we receive an email telling us you want us to take a look at your booklet or event program printing file. The obvious reason we have an E-Commerce Web Site is to receive orders to print booklets and event programs for customers like you.  The first step towards that order is usually a request for a Free File Review.

Many customers want us to take a look at their booklet printing files before they submit an order to us.  This is very understandable and it is something we really encourage.  The steps we take when we receive your file are as follows:

  • Your request for a free file review and your attached file is received.
  • We save your attachment and your request.
  • Your Booklet printing file is first visually reviewed to make sure it’s the right size and number of pages.
  • We review the bleed copy if any, and check to make sure it is set up correctly. If you wanted bleed and you didn’t give us the standard 1/8″  bleed copy all around the file, we can sometimes enlarge the copy by 2% and then trim it back to the required size. We will let you know if this is possible.
  • We then set  up your file in booklet signatures.  We prefer that you do not try to set your file up in signatures, we like to do that here.
  • Your booklet file is then printed to make sure it prints correctly, that the graphics are high resolution, and that no copy drops off or is positioned incorrectly.  We have found that this is a very important step.  Sometimes a PDF file looks great, but when we print it something distorts or a layer doesn’t print.  If we do find a problem PDF file we can usually correct it here, but we need to know before we tell you everything is OK.
  • A visual review of the copy is done to check for any obvious spelling errors or mistakes.  We are not responsible for proof reading your copy, but we are “another eye” looking at your copy.
  • You are notified of the results of our review and if no problems, encouraged to submit your order.  If we do find problems we work with you to correct them.
  • You submit your booklet printing order using Google Merchant.
  • Your Booklet is shipped to you within three days.

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We have all heard the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words“. It refers  to the idea that a complex idea can be conveyed with a single still image. I really like the quote attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte, ” A good sketch is better than a long speech“.  People are very visual beings,  we like and understand pictures better than we do the printed word. We like colored pictures even better (When was the last movie produced in black & white?).

When someone picks up your product catalog, newsletter, or event program, do you want them to read pages of descriptive copy when one color image will tell them more clearly than words what your product is and what it looks like?  Catalog publishers have found out that their customers buy more of their products when it is printed in color. They also reduce the number of returns when the customer can see exactly what their product looks like before they buy it.

Digital color booklet printing has made enormous strides to improve quality and reduce costs over the last few years.  New technology now allows everyone to add color to their product catalogs, newsletters, or event program.  It wasn’t very long ago that the only way you could afford color was to print large quantities.  Now you can have as few as 25 booklets or catalogs printed in color and still afford it.

All of us want to increase sales and increase satisfied customers. Color helps us achieve these goals.   We are all about eye candy, the more color, the better.  Now with digital color booklet printing we can provide the color at a reasonable and profitable cost.

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We are booklet printers and we print dated and undated booklets weekly. Dated booklets are printed, used and discarded in a short period of time. They are used as event programs, sales catalogs, newsletters and other dated events.  Moisture and moisture effects on the booklets aren’t a significant problem.  However, there are thousands of booklets printed by organizations that are printed and stored  for years, such as poetry books, prayer booklets, historical manuals, directories, maintenance manuals, parts manuals, etc.

Changes in the relative humidity to which your booklets are exposed will change the moisture content of the paper your booklets are printed on. Since warm air can hold more moisture than cold air, booklets kept in a warm room under conditions of low humidity will lose moisture to the air and will shrink. Conversely, booklets stored or placed in a cold room will pick up moisture that the air can’t hold and will expand.

The loss or gain of moisture content in your booklets, catalogs or manuals if great enough will cause problems.  The most common problems resulting from gain or lose of moisture in your booklets are:


Low relative humidity is usually the cause of curl in your booklets, because low humidity induces shrinkage and shrinkage results in curl.

Wavy Edges

In areas of high relative humidity, booklets will often soak up moisture from the air on the edges of the booklet pages only.  This will cause the pages to swell and develop a wave across the booklet page.

Obviously, we all know that keeping booklets in a protected environment with consistent humidity will prevent air moisture problems. However it is nice to know what effect high and low relative humidity have on your booklet.

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Annual Report Printing

Booklet Printing knows that every corporation and non-profit organization has their fiscal year and many have investors and contributors who want to know how their investments and contributions have been helpful. Printing annual reports lets you inform your investors and contributors of your financial status and dealings for each fiscal year. Printed annual reports should be, as their name suggests, provided yearly and be easy to read and should be thought of as separate sections (but, of course, should be provided to us as one file). Use our online booklet printing services for your printed annual reports.

Here are the sections to focus on before you print your annual report, while you’re creating, designing and writing:

-          Cover. The way you design your cover should clearly reflect your company. Your printed cover has to be professional and representative of your organization. Not only should your logo be prominently placed, but could possibly include pictures of the past year, pictures of recent top level staff additions and should always include the date and year of the report. All pictures will be treated with our full color printing services.

-          Narrative Statements. The narrative section of your printed annual report can sometimes be divided into subsections but should include a company overview, a year-in-review section and a section looking forward into immediate and long term plans, new initiatives and potential new products and services.

-          Financial Statements. Of course, any printed annual report has to include a financial overview of the company and of the year itself. Think of the financial statements as the facts you base your narrative on. Include your income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement, any audit reports and any graphs and charts to support your statements. Don’t forget to have the financial statements clearly organized and presented before starting the booklet printing process.

-          Appendices and References. The last section to focus on before you start printing your annual report is the appendix and reference section.  Any supporting documents or referenced documents should go here, and possibly a glossary of terms referenced in the report to help the reader better understand what they’re reading in your printed report.

Printing annual reports is a vital part of most businesses. Submit your file for review today to find out if your report is ready to be printed by our online booklet printing services or contact us for more information about our booklet printing services or booklet printing prices.

A baker’s dozen is 13, one more than a standard dozen. The expression originated in the 13th century when a baker would give 13 loaves or cookies or biscuits for the price of 12.  This practice was insurance against “short measure”, on the basis that one of the 13 would be damaged, lost, burnt or ruined in some way.

Almost every booklet printer prints more booklets than the customer’s order to allow for damage during printing and bindery operations. They want to make sure that they ship the number of booklets the customer ordered. If they have extra booklets after all operations are complete, they usually ship them to the customer and charge for the overrun, or keep them for samples to give out to prospective customers.

Booklet Printing, LLC handles our overrun a little different. We subscribe to the Baker’s Dozen Concept. When we receive your order for booklets, we run more than you ordered to make sure that we ship your booklet printing order complete. We do not want to end up short  of your order quantity. It is very expensive and time consuming to have to put an order back on press to complete the order.  It is easier and cheaper to run extra to allow for any damage.  When ever we have extra books over the original order after all production operations are finished, we ship them to you the customer (at no extra charge).  After all, our pricing includes printing extra booklets to allow for damage.  If your order goes through without any booklets being damaged, they are yours.

When you receive your order from us, you are likely to see a shrink wrapped package inside with the following insert:BakersDoz Packing SlipThis is just another way  we let you know that you picked the right booklet printer and that your order is appreciated.

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A couple of years ago I was looking at replacing one of our digital presses here at Booklet Printing LLC. We print color booklets, calendars, newsletters, event programs and catalogs, and image quality is very important to us. We had a 600 dpi 8-bit press which we were very happy with, but it was 3-years old. While I was researching new presses  I discovered that one of the new presses I was looking at was 2400 dpi 1-bit. They had changed the rating, I didn’t know if the print resolution of the new press was 4-times better than my old 600 dpi 8-bit press. Or, was the print resolution of my old press twice as good as the new press (600 x 8 vs. 2400 x 1) I asked around and nobody could give me an answer. Finally I received the following article written by Peter Dundas, an engineer for Xerox.

600x600x8 vs. 2400x2400x1

Peter Dundas, October 2004

For a resolution of 600×600, the pixel size is 42.5 microns (0.04mm). 8-bits means that each pixel is able to reproduce many levels of intensity (a maximum of 256) compared to 1-bit which is only ‘on’ or ‘off’. To create additional levels with a 1-bit screen requires combining the on/off pixels into larger objects, typically dots. To generate 256 levels of intensity with a 1-bit screen requires a square dot area of 16×16 pixels.

The 16×16 structure for 600x600x1 is rather large, producing ‘square ‘dots (0.68mm x 0.68mm) and is visible to the eye. It is roughly equivalent to using a 37.5 LPI screen in printing. Generally, quality offset printing uses at least a 133 LPI screen. Though some tricks can be done to make the 1-bit structures less visible, a 600x600x1 screen will look much noisier or grainier, especially in the highlights. For these reasons, 600x600x1 is never used.

The 2400x2400x1 changes all you’ve ever heard about 1-bit. The 16×16 dot structure now becomes much smaller (0.17mm x 0.17mm) so the dots are a quarter of the size of 600x600x1 to produce 256 gray levels and is equivalent to using a 150 LPI screen, similar to offset. These are called mono-dots or single centered dots, similar to what you find in offset printing.

However, Xerox has developed a better way of “growing” dots to produce 256 levels of color, using quad-dots. These are dots that are ‘grown’ from four distinct centers within the same 0.17mm x 0.17mm square. This makes the effective dot size 0.04mm x 0.04mm or 42.5 microns. This is equivalent to using a 300 LPI screen.

In addition, 2400x2400x1 enables much smoother dot screens to be designed with better shaped dots and this is evident in the mid tone and highlight image quality of pictures, especially in facial structure.

The second aspect of output quality is that 2400 DPI is four times the DPI of 600. This means that fine text and line art will have much less jagged edges and will be sharper and look like offset printing. Some 600 DPI systems use anti-aliasing or dot positioning techniques to achieve quality which is equivalent to 2400 DPI systems that do not need to use such techniques. Nevertheless, fine Kanji text or italicized Roman text will still look better if rendered at 2400 DPI.

To Summarize, a 2400 DPI device produces sharper, less jagged edges on fine text and lineart compared to a 600 DPI device unless special anti-aliasing techniques are used. It also enables a more optimized screen design which produces very smooth mid tone and highlight image quality.


P.S. We traded in our 600 DPI 8-bit press and replaced it with the 2400 DPI 1-bit press. The quality was in fact better and we were able to see the results immediately on the booklets, calendars, newsletters, event programs, and catalogs we printed. More importantly, our customers appreciated the increase in quality.

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Saddle stitched or coil bound booklets are usually used for event programs, training manuals,  and many other dated events. The gathering of information and the layout and design of the booklet used for the event always seem to take longer than planned. This delay usually ends up making the delivery of your printed booklets a true “rush delivery”.

All of us at Booklet Printing, LLC understand this, we have worked with customers in this position thousands of  times. We are always sympathetic to your situation and are prepared to help solve your problem.

Our normal delivery schedule for your event programs or booklet printing is three days after receipt of approved proof, whether the proof is an e-mailed PDF proof or a printed proof sent to you via next day air. However, shipment of your booklets in three days may be to late for your dated event.

If you have a delivery problem on your booklet printing order, all you have to do is notify us immediately. We will check our schedule and backlog,  process your order, and send you a PDF proof of your file shortly after receipt of your file. Once you have approved the PDF proof, we will print and bind your booklets and ship them to you, either the same day or the next day depending upon the order and the time of proof approval.

Booklet Printing, LLC does not charge extra for this “Rush Delivery”. Many booklet printers charge you a premium for this service. They have different prices for printing your booklets in one, two, or three days. The only extra costs you may incur are if you require next day or second day air delivery service. We do not charge for normal ground transportation, however, we do require you to pay the difference between ground transportation and the premium transportation charges.

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We are often asked the question,”Do you want us to send you our booklet PDF files in signature format”?  We usually dislike saying no to a customer, however our answer to that question is always “NO”.  We want you to send your booklet PDF files to us 1-up, pages 1 to end.

Here at Booklet Printing, LLC we would rather set up the signatures for your booklets, event programs, newsletters or catalogs ourselves, using our software. We especially want to set them up in signature if your file has bleed.

If this is confusing, perhaps a definition of booklet signatures would help.

A booklet signature is a section of a booklet, folded ready for binding with other sections. Signatures usually range from 4-32 pages, however could be as high as 64 pages.  a folded sheet of printed-paper usually a section of a booklet, event program, newsletter, calendar or catalog, ordinarily obtained by the folding of a single sheet of paper into 4, 8, 16 or more pages (always in 4-page increments).  The term signature can also be applied to a printed flat sheet that is to be later folded into a booklet, calendar, newsletter, event program or catalog.

We don’t want you to provide your files in signature format.  However, if your printer does, and you do not have the software, you can figure out how the pages are positioned quite easily.  Let’s say you are printing  8.5″ x 5.5″ 8-page catalogs, booklets or newsletters. This would require (2) 8.5″ x 11″ sheets of paper with 2-pages printed on each side (two 4-page signatures).  First take an 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of blank paper and fold it in half. Then, take another 8.5″ x 11″ blank sheet of paper and fold it in half also.  You now have two 4-page signatures, take one of them and insert it inside the other.

Booklet Graphic

Write page numbers on each page starting from the cover (page-1) to the last page (page-8).  When you have finished, it will look like this:

Signature Graphics

If you have more pages in your booklets, event programs, catalogs, or newsletters, merely add more 4-page signatures for a 12, 16, 20 24-page etc. booklet (always in 4-page increments).  Once you know the position of each page on each signature, it is fairly easy to position your page copy accordingly.

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Buying your custom printed booklets, event programs, newsletters or catalogs from Booklet Printing, LLC online will provide a number of important advantages for you:

  • Better Pricing.
  • A complete selection of sizes, binding, paper types, number of pages.
  • Free File Review.
  • Convenient online ordering eliminates errors and takes less time.
  • Customer Service with a live person who is trained to help you.
  • Safe Ordering using Google Merchant Services for payment.
  • Instant Pricing Calculator lets you know your total costs before ordering.
  • Free Shipping within the lower 48 States via FedEx Ground Transportation.
  • Fast Service (Your order will ship within 3-days of proof approval).
  • Rush Order Service at no additional costs.
  • Custom quotations on booklets not priced by our Instant Pricing Calculator.
  • Higher quality, We are specialists, we specialize in printing booklets and event programs, we have the right equipment and trained personnel to print and bind your booklets.

E-commerce is not a fad that will fade away. Ordering online has evolved from buying books and CDs online to doing business with the largest businesses in the world.

You can now order your booklets, catalogs, event programs or newsletters 24 hours a day, seven days a week using our online ordering system.  You no longer have to wait for a printing salesperson to come to your office or, you don’t have to get in your car and travel to a printing establishment.

Don’t forget our Free File Review and our PDF or printed proofs to help insure that the booklets you receive are what you visualized. Finally, your booklets, catalogs, event programs or newsletters will be shipped to you via FedEx ground transportation at no extra charge.

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Printing Calendars

At Booklet Printing, we print calendars customized with your design, your style and your personality. A custom printed calendar can present a marketing opportunity like very few other promotional items. Printed calendars can also be a memorable gift for family and friends. Custom printed calendars can be printed as yearly calendars, we can print monthly calendars or we can offer printing for daily calendars as well.

As a marketing tool, booklet printing a calendar can be used as an excellent promotional item that will keep your company’s message front and center with decision makers. Printed calendars can be given away as promotional trade show items, seminar giveaways and pickups for large sales conferences. Printed calendars can enforce your marketing strategy.

Offer your employees  printed  calendars to hang in their offices to keep your message coherent and consistent across your company. With your printed calendar hanging in their offices, your employees have a consistent reminder of your organization’s values and goals. Printing calendars can be an excellent motivational tool for employees. A printed calendar can build a strong and convincing image for your employees and your customers.

Think how many times you’ve walked away from a wedding with a fairly useless favor that you’ll never look at again. Or maybe you received a seemingly sentimental gift from a loved one that loses its sentiment because it’s never looked at again. Booklet printing calendars of your wedding or engagement photos can be a much more appealing wedding favor. Likewise, giving the gift of a printed calendar with pictures of your children, your family and even your animals can be an incredibly sentimental souvenir to your loved ones.

Contact us today for more information about our event program and booklet printing prices and to find out how we can help you print your calendars.