Microsoft Word is the best tool- it makes booklet printing very easy, even for a newbie. In this topic we will discuss the various stages of printing a booklet in Microsoft Word.

To start, open a Microsoft Word document with the page numbers inserted. The next step is to reduce the sheet to half its size and rotate it to about 90 degrees. At this stage, it is important to have the page number done correctly. Once it is verified that the sheets or pages are in the correct order- the first and last pages are on the same leaf so you can for sure command it to print.

When you use a software called Click-book, you can create a better way to arrange the documents correctly to have them printed. You cannot just print brochures and booklets with Click-book; you can print other documents too. And what’s best with Click-book is that it is configured with Microsoft Windows and therefore both can be used together without any issue.

Adobe Acrobat has a feature that makes it easy to print booklets as well. This attribute is available in the latest versions- versions 8 and up. When you’re printing the booklet in PDF, the first step is to create the PDF file. It is very easy to create and turn a PDF file to Microsoft Office if using the latest versions, and by simply saving the file as a PDF. The layout and margins may also be changed when the booklet is viewed in preview mode, so that any errors that may have occurred could be corrected immediately. To ensure good print quality, you must select the “default or standard” mode and not the “minimize” option when printing.

To print the PDF file in booklet form, you must open the file with Acrobat Viewer version 8 or higher. Then, you must go to the File menu to print and select the option to scale pages to print the booklet. Booklet Subset function makes it easy to print all pages at one time, but the printer must be double-sided to ensure that the printing is done correctly. Another option is to print the front first, then turning over the pages by hand to print on the back following the prompt provided.

Another useful feature is the function of “sheets from” which is done by printing a precise set of pages to form the booklet. The auto-reverse feature offers the possibility to choose the best formula for the layout of each page, to create the correct effect. As for binding the pages, the most common preference is ‘Binding on the Left’ option. However, if the booklet content is in a different language, ??you must be careful when you choose an alternative option for the text may not be formatted from left to right.

Ensure that the final booklet is accurate by viewing the preview first before printing them, and correcting the errors that may have come up. By following these easy guidelines you can guarantee that you can print a booklet on your own anytime without spending extra when involving other agencies.