Event program and booklet designers call us almost every day asking which cover stock and text paper they should be using for their programs or booklets. There are literally thousands of cover and text paper types you can use, however it doesn’t have to be that complicated. Normally you can use the cover stocks and text stock we feature to produce an event program or booklet which you will be proud of and will do the job required.

Essentially the choices you have are:

  • Self Cover (All pages including covers are the same paper)
  • Plus Cover (text pages are one stock and the cover is another stock)
  • Coated Stock
  • Uncoated Stock

Your most inexpensive option is to have your event program or booklet printed as self cover. Most applications for programs or booklets are for one time useage (ie: an event program is used only during the actual event, after that it is usually thrown away) A self cover booklet is usually durable enough for that event.

If your booklet is going to be used repeatedly such as a seminar workbook or employee manual you should use a heavier cover to handle the wear and tear your booklet is going to get.

Generally speaking, uncoated papers are a little less expensive than coated stocks. If your event program is predominately type and line copy you can usually use uncoated stock for covers and text.

If your event program or booklet has high resolution photos and fine line graphics you probably want to use a coated stock as the coating on the paper will improve your print quality. Gloss coating has a “glare” and is hard to read if you have a lot of type, but is used to show photos and graphics in their best detail. Matte coating does not have the glare of gloss coating but still allows a great printing surface for quality photo and graphic reproduction.

My personal favorite construction for most event programs and booklets is a self cover booklet using 100# coated text (matte or gloss) for all pages. The 100# text stock is sturdy enough for covers and when you use it for all text and covers you have a very impressive look and feel. The cost is less that having separate covers and text stock, but still gives you the durability you need for one or multiple uses of your event program or booklet.

Please contact us for more information on our event program or booklet printing services.