Though event program booklet printing is very much similar to the booklets printing, there are some key differences that one should not overlook. If one is currently doing professional booklet printing then they can with very little help move on to event program printing too. Let us look at the various key aspects that one should remember while printing event program booklet.

Any event program booklet should have some key information and also the layout of the document itself should follow a particular order. This article will take you through these elements so that it would be easy for you to do your own event program booklet printing the next time.

Event program booklets should be bigger than the usual booklet size. The text and the images too should be of a bigger size so as to make it easy for the reader to understand the key message at a glance. This is important so as to get the reader interested in reading the rest of the document. The event program booklets should have the details of the different events planned along with the contextual images rightly placed to get the reader to read the whole booklet.

When it comes to the images to be printed in the event program booklet the images should be of high resolution and also need to be attractive. Proper balancing of the image with the text needs to be done to ensure that there is at least one image per page. This would ensure that the number of readers will be high for the event booklet and hence a bigger success for the event altogether.

The different events of the program have to be given maybe allocating one page per each event. The profile of the key speakers or the participants of the events should be given along with a picture of them. The profile should mention their background, their field of expertise, awards etc so as to make the reader believe in the credibility of the speaker.

At the end of the event program booklet space should be there to add in the details of the sponsors of the event. The sponsors can advertise their company or services or products along with the logo of the company. Ensuring this would help in increasing the number of sponsors and thereby the financial strength of the event.

One key factor to pay attention to is that the printed event program booklet should be free from mistakes.

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