Booklet printing is an easy job which can be done even by amateurs due to the wide range of software available to print the booklets. This software have some very useful features along with simple step by step instructions on using them. In the past, booklet printing was a task which was done by printing business houses alone as it was considered to be complex.

Booklets, print program, event program and newsletters are documents which provide a clear message on a particular movement or provide information on the products and services of a company or throw light on the latest fashion products of designer brand and so on. Essentially they fulfill the basic objective of information dissemination without having to spend too much amount of marketing dollars. Booklets are formed by folding printed paper into smaller size either by using a double or a triple fold. Hence it is important to know where and how to leave the margins so as to ensure that the text is not lost when the papers are stapled or bound.

When it comes to the printers available for booklet printing there is a wide choice to choose from. Some of these printers have a built in booklet designing feature which would actually make the whole process of printing booklets very simple. It is important to understand the steps involved in setting the properties. This is vital to ensure that the booklets are printed in the right fashion without any hitches.

Some of the well known software available for printing booklets is ClickBook Software and FinePrint Software. Both have a tremendous following in terms of users and can work well with the Microsoft Word too. These products come with a free trial period which is in most cases about 14 days during which time one can work on the software, understand how it works and check out the pros and cons. Due to this free trial one is not stuck with a software which he or she is not comfortable with and can only buy only if they are completely convinced on its usefulness.

The advent of this software for booklet printing can be said to have been started by the feature provided by Microsoft Word of printing two pages per each sheet. This sheet can be folded in the middle to form a booklet. Anyone with just Microsoft Word too can design and print great looking booklets, print program, event program or newsletter due to the features provided by Microsoft and the user friendly instructions available. The dependency on professionals offering services around printing booklets is removed thanks to this. One can easily choose from the wide range of design templates available for the right booklet design. Each of these designs comes up with their own color schema too making it very easy for even the least creative person to print attractive booklets.

If one wants to utilize their own creativity they can design the booklet from scratch once again utilizing the wide range of tools available. Either ways booklet printing has become very easy and economical too. No wonder that more and more enterprises are turning to booklets as their top choice for marketing vehicle.

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