A baker’s dozen is thirteen, one more than a standard dozen. The expression originated in the thirteenth century when a baker would give 13 loaves or cookies or biscuits for the price of 12. This practice was insurance against “short measure” on the basis that one of the 12 would be damaged, lost, burnt or ruined in some way.

Almost every booklet printer prints more event programs or booklets than the customer’s order to allow for damage during printing and bindery operations. They want to make sure that they ship the number of print programs or booklets the customer ordered. If they have extra booklets after all operations are complete they usually ship them to the customer and charge for the overrun, or keep them for samples to give out to prospective customers.

Booklet Printing, LLC handles our overrun a little differently. We subscribe to the Baker’s Dozen Concept.  When we receive your order for event programs or booklets, we run more than you ordered to insure that we ship your booklet printing order complete. We do not want to end up short of your order quantity. It is very expensive and time consuming to put an order back on press to complete the ordered quantity. It is easier and cheaper to run extra to allow for any damage.

Whenever we have extra print program or booklets over the original order quantity and after all production operations are complete, we ship them to you (at no extra charge). After all, our pricing includes printing extra booklets to allow for damage. If your print program or booklet order goes through without any booklets being damaged, they are yours.

When you receive your order from us, you are likely to see a shrink wrapped package of booklets inside with the following insert:

This is just another way we let you know that you picked the right print program and booklet printer and that your order is appreciated.

Please contact us today for information on our event program and booklet printing services.