3 Things You Should Look For In a Booklet Printer

If you have never worked with an event program or  booklet printer before there are some things that are just common sense that you should look for. Of course you will want a booklet printer with a good reputation. Perhaps you have seen some event programs and booklets they have printed in the past so you know that their work is good. It could be one of your staff recommended a company, or perhaps they are one of your customers, no matter how you decide on the booklet printer you are going to work with you should look at what they offer.

Even if the company comes highly recommended you should ensure that they are competitive with other companies when it comes to:

1. Delivery time: Some booklet printers will offer 24 hour service. You may not always need to have your projects done within 24 hours but it is always nice to know the option is available if you should need it. Event programs are usually dated events and delivery is important. They may offer several different mailing options in order for you to receive your booklets in a timely manner. For example they could offer UPS shipping, Federal express shipping, next day delivery, or a media mail rate. If you are not in a rush it can be advantageous to have options for shipping that save your company money.

2. Price: Most booklet printers will offer you free estimates on your event program or booklet printing projects. Check with several different companies and see what the variation in prices is for the same job. In most cases it will probably be about the same but it doesn’t hurt to check and it could save you from making a costly mistake.

3. Options: Check and see what options they offer. They may offer options that you don’t think you need right now, but too many options is sometimes better than being limited. You may find as your company grows that you will need some of the options later on. Many event program and booklet printers will also offer options for catalog printing or brochures these can be nice options to have as you expand your business.

Always take the time to check out the competition before placing your order for the first time. Booklet printers are just like other businesses. You may find specials or package deals that are perfect for your needs. Until you have worked with them for a while and built up some trust between you it is better to be safe than sorry.

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What Can Printing Booklets Do For Your Company?

Printing event programs and booklets can help your company save money and time. There are a variety of uses that can be made of booklets that are often overlooked. For a truly professional approach to promoting your company, product, or service there is really nothing better than an event program or booklet.

Some of the ways that other companies have used booklets to their advantage are:

1. Training manuals: In any company there are some jobs that have a higher turn-over rate than others. Having a printed booklet to make training new employees consistent and easy to understand would be a great training tool.

2. User manuals: Many products can be hard for people to understand, printing booklets that could be included with the purchase could make a customer appreciate your product more.

3. Employee manuals: When you need to be able to ensure that all employees know the safety regulations and standards that your company operates under printing booklets that contain all the rules and regulations can be very cost effective.

4. Owner manuals: Printing booklets that are included with the purchase of a product or service is one way to clarify for your customers exactly what is covered with their purchase.

5. Software manuals: Software is constantly being updated. Printing booklets to help customers or employees understand and use new software could save time and ensure that your customers are satisfied with your products.

6. Technical manuals: Printing booklets that explain clearly how to operate a product is one service you could offer your customers that could ensure repeat business.

7. Repair manuals: Offering a booklet that outlines possible problems and how to repair them can save you from having to employ so many technical support people on your staff. It also gives the customer the knowledge they may need to feel comfortable working on a piece of machinery themselves.

8. Sales manuals: If you have a standard sales routine that you have found works well for your company, printing booklets for your sales staff to follow can ensure that all sales staff is using the most effective approach.

9. Workbooks: Printing booklets to be used as workbooks during training can ensure that you have proof that your employees know and understand policies or procedures.

10. Annual reports: Booklets can be a very effective way of supplying directors with all the information about the company in annual reports. The booklets are easily stored and harder to lose than a loose-leaf report would be.

These are just some of the ways that printing booklets could be useful for your company. There are many other uses for booklets that could include advertising and sales material. Printing booklets can be an excellent way to provide long lasting information to customers and employees.

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Type Fonts as Design Elements

Type Fonts as Design Elements

Featured fonts mean more to design than one may think. From catalog cover, to event booklet, postcard, or conference program . . . the appropriate selection as well as placement of fonts on a layout are crucial to their effectiveness.

Fonts do fit into visual genre categories. A designer might first assess the marketing/audience gist to be portrayed via the event program, booklet, catalog or program. Should it have a feminine flair, an organic basis, a masculine edge, or athletic punch (just to name a few of the an infinite number of choices and pairings). All can constitute how powerful and effective a font or fonts can have on the final event program, booklet, catalog layout – to allow the viewer to really see the product,  special event, service, understand it and be moved by it.

Next, it’s most necessary to evaluate the overall impact you want the imagery (product/event/service) to have. The photos, graphics, illustrations coupled with logos, and any necessary typographical information must be handled carefully.

After sifting for the most fitting font choices, experiment with the feature fonted words and mandatory visuals elements on a catalog, event program, booklet cover page. Mix and match until one pairing sings more than another. Vary the sizing of words and visuals to gain the best balance – an overpowering element can confuse the viewer.

Play with color and placement of the featured fonts monitoring the need to keep appropriate focus – again, the actual product/service coupled with it’s label or slogan.

The gamut of fonts available on the graphic market today can be a blessing for the designer if choices are carefully made and event program, catalog, booklet layouts are effectively fine-tuned.

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Considerations for Full Color Booklet Printing

Full color event program and booklet printing can create a great way to advertise your company. They can be used as mini-catalogs, News releases, or for company newsletters.  The versatility of these booklets is one of the reasons that they have become so popular with companies. However, when ordering full color event program or booklet printing there are some decisions you will have to make.

1. Size: Full color booklet printing is available in a number of sizes from 8.5 x 11 to some that are small enough to fit in a pocket. Each time you order event programs or booklets printed you will need to consider which size best suits the project you are trying to complete. If you are considering the booklets purely for an advertising method then something small and easy to carry could be your best choice. If it is small enough to tuck into a pocket it is less likely to be thrown away or left behind.

2. Number of pages: With full color event program and booklet printing you may want a small catalog format or you may want only a few pages for news or a special sale you are running. The number of pages you need will determine the price to a large extent.

3. Coatings if any: The intended use of the event programs or booklets will probably dictate whether you want plain or glossy finishes used on your full color booklet printing project. Obviously glossy or something with a protective coating will last longer and appeal to more people. If you are using the booklet for throw away advertising you may not want the added expense of a coated paper. However, if you are considering them for tables in waiting rooms or showrooms where many people will be handling them it may be worth the extra expense to ensure a longer life and better appearance for your booklet.

4. Binding to be used: The binding you choose may change depending on what you want the booklet for. There are a variety of bindings from perfect finish, saddle stitch binding, or a wire spiral type binding. If you only intend the booklets for temporary uses like a newsletter or business update, or a temporary sale the less expensive saddle stitch binding would probably be fine. However, if you are considering the booklets to take the place of a mini-catalog you may want something more durable for a binding.

5. Full color or covers only: While studies have shown that people are naturally drawn to colorful things, this does not mean that your whole booklet needs to be printed in full color. Choosing full color event program and booklet printing can mean that just the covers are in full color while the text pages are in black and white.

Always save the information from your full color booklet printing orders. It is often possible to save yourself time if you simply need a reprint of an existing event program or booklet. Saving the information means you will not have to make all these decisions again.

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White Space (on purpose blank space) in Booklet Design

A empty page is your canvas, the design elements your paint – now, to bring the pieces and parts together in visual harmony.  Surprisingly, the most forgotten design element with an amazingly important role is White Space. White Space can truly make or break the effectiveness of your finished event program, catalog, or booklet.

What is White Space? It’s an absence of any visual ‘noise’, no content, copy or imagery markers. It gives the viewer a place to rest from any information intake, a ‘visual breather’ on a booklet cover or event program interior.

White Space can levitate the viewer/allow the viewer to hover and then strategically bridge to the next planned piece of information.  The ‘on-purpose emptiness’ can visually lead the reader’s eyes from one design element to another.

White Space has the ability to convey a sophisticated, dramatic look and if handled effectively, can be the epitome of aesthetic styling on any event program cover or booklet spread.

SUCCESS to using White Space:

• Kerning space around letters in a headline – capital and lowercase

• Line spacing between headlines, body copy

• Vertical columns between copy blocks

• Utilizing flush left/ragged right vs. justified copy blocks

• Making copy blocks too long – weary eyes of the reader

• Appropriately handling the headerspace, footer, and gutters along edges of page

• Bleed imagery vs. floating visuals

White Space Suggestions:

• Assess your design/composition for appropriate balance of all proposed product elements/services in your event program, catalog, or booklet.

• Attempting unique placements of visuals allowing for white space to aid the viewer to effectively see/read/be motivated.

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Common Mistakes with Full Color Catalog Printing

Full color catalog printing has advanced a lot in recent years. It is now possible to order a full color catalog of your product or service online and have them delivered right to your door. This can be a wonderful benefit to your company. However, there are some common errors that are made when placing orders for full color catalog printing that can slow down your order or raise the cost of the printing.

1. Fonts: This error may seem like a no-brainer but you would be amazed at the problems it can cause. Some customers simply forget to fill in the fonts that they wish used for their catalog. Other customers run into problems with fonts when they are using an operating system that is different from the one used by their full color catalog printing company. Fonts vary in some cases from one operating system to another. While fancy fonts may appeal to you for your catalog it may be wiser to stick with common fonts like Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman.

2. Art work: Artwork in another area that can change the look of your full color catalog, event program or booklet printing. If you are including artwork for the cover or pages of your catalog make sure that the pictures are high resolutions for the best results.  Make sure that the pictures slightly overlap the page area so that you do not end up with blank spaces that you may find unattractive. Verify that the printing company you choose to work with receives the photo files you send. Missing fonts can sometimes be corrected but missing artwork can cause delays in the printing of your catalog. If you are using an online printing service you normally have the option to preview what the finished project will look like, make sure that the preview shows exactly as you want the catalog to appear.

3. Type of binding: There are two main types of binding you can choose from for your full color catalog printing needs, prefect binding and saddle stitch binding. Perfect binding is essentially the same type of binding you would see on a paperback book. Saddle stitch binding is a folded and stapled binding that is used normally with smaller catalogs event programs and booklets. Perfect binding can be more expensive but some people prefer the more finished and professional look offered by this binding options.  Saddle stitch binding has a set page limit because of the binding method used. If you are considering a small sale catalog, event program or booklet, this may be the perfect solution for your needs.

While there are many things to consider when deciding on a full color catalog printing project these three simple considerations can save you time and money. Choose a universally accepted font that is easy to read, make sure all your art work is included, and choose a binding that will best suit the catalog, event program or booklet you are having printed.

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A Number of Uses for 4 Color Booklet Printing

Many companies have found that 4 color booklet printing is an optimal way to help advertise their company. However, some companies overlook the many ways that booklets can be used to increase the effectiveness of their internal training. It has been proven that people pay more attention when color is used. Consider how much more effective your training manuals might be if they were presented as a 4 color booklet.

4 color booklet printing can be used to increase productivity as well as sales.  When booklets are used as training materials whether in a general way or a job specific approach there is a better chance that the employee will actually take the time to read them and understand if they are presented in full color. It is easier to comprehend and associate the picture with the process when the picture is accurate in properly colored to match the machinery they are being trained to run.

Processes such as checking in material or preparing orders to be shipped can be made easier to understand and follow with the use of 4 color booklet printing. When manifests and shipping labels are exactly represented it is easier for a person learning the process to follow the directions. It may cost slightly more to get your event program or booklets printed in full color but since they can be coated to last for a long time it is a one-time expense that can bring in large returns for the company.

The same process can be used when training a person on software or hardware that is new to them. No matter how well laid out a tutorial is it can be difficult to follow if you have to keep changing screens. Having an event program or booklet at hand that outlines all the steps and what each screen should look like can speed up understanding of the process. There is a big difference in saying, “Find the switch on the lower left hand corner at the back of the panel” and simply showing an accurate picture of where the switch is located.

Most companies are well aware of the difficulty of trying to fool-proof directions and decrease training time when new employees are hired. 4 color booklet printing can provide easy to follow directions complete with exact color representations of the material or machinery. There is truth to the old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” An exact color image may be worth even more when it comes to training and understanding a process.

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Event Program Printing

Whenever we are asked which booklets we enjoy printing the most, the answer is always  “event programs”! We print thousands of saddle stitched or coil bound booklets. We enjoy every aspect of our job, however, event programs are special. Some of  the reasons we enjoy printing event program or program booklets so much are:

  • Quantity:  The number of print programs for events are usually between 25 to 500 which is the quantity levels we are best.
  • Design:  Sometimes I think some of the most creative people are event planners. We love printing and binding attractive booklets and an event program always seems to be the most creative booklets we print.
  • Color:  We print thousands of black and white booklets, but it is much more fun to print in color and an event program usually has color.
  • Dated Event:  When we get a chance to work with an event planner on anevent program we always know exactly when they need the print program. We are usually allowed to help  the event planner overcome the challenges involved getting them the event program they envisioned and on time.

You may have read in an other area of our website that our our mission statement is:

“To be the very best at what we do,
to meet your digital print needs,
and still have fun while doing it”.

We really do enjoy our work and are proud of what we do. Printing an event program with its creative design and challenges really do fit in with our mission statement better than any other booklet.

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It is very easy for you to pick the wrong printing company to print and bind your event program or booklet. After all, if your printer has a printing press shouldn’t he be able to print and bind your booklets? There are printing companies in almost every town in America, can’t they print and bind your event program or booklets as well as any company specializing in booklet printing? The answer to these questions is “NO THEY CAN’T”.

Picking a booklet printing company from a telephone directory is like betting at a casino. You may win sometimes, but most of the time you are going to be throwing your money away.

If you need an event program, catalog, newsletter or any other kind of booklets printed you need to go to a printer that specializes in booklet printing. You will save time, money, and exasperation. Printing is just like any other service. Each operation requires knowledge, experience, and the right kind of equipment to do the job right.

Booklet Printing, LLC specializes in the printing of saddle stitched or coil bound event programs, newsletters, product catalogs and other kinds of booklets. We do not try to print every product and provide every service you need. There are other printers that specialize in these other products and services, you should go to them when you need them. We have the knowledge, experience, training, software and equipment required to print and bind your booklets. That’s what we love, and that’s what we are good at.

We don’t require you to take us on faith. Start off by pricing out your booklet on our Instant Pricing Calculator. You will know exactly how much your booklets will cost, including shipping. Send us your file for a Free No Obligation File Review. We will take a look at and print out your file and get back to you with any problems or suggestions. Ask us for samples, we will be happy to provide them to you at no cost or obligation.

We want to welcome you as one of our customers.

Please contact us today for information on our event program and booklet printing services.



Now you can order your event program, booklets, product catalogs or newsletters 24 hours a day, seven days a week using our online ordering system.  Ordering is easy and fast, you no longer have to wait for a printing salesperson to come to your office, nor do you have to get into your car and drive down to a printing company to print your booklets.

Ordering your custom printed event programs, booklets, newsletters or product catalogs from Booklet Printing, LLC online will provide a number of important advantages for you:

  • Better pricing.
  • Free No Obligation File Review.
  • Quality Guarantee
  • Online PDF or Printed Proofs
  • Customer service with a live person who is trained to help you.
  • Safe ordering using Google Merchant Services for payment.
  • Instant Pricing Calculator lets you know your total costs before ordering.
  • Free Shipping within the lower 48 states via Fedex Ground Transportation.
  • Fast Service—-your order will ship within 3-days of proof approval.
  • Rush Order Service at no extra charge.
  • Custom quotations on booklets not priced on our Instant Pricing calculator.
  • Higher quality—We are specialists we specialize in printing booklets and we have the right equipment and trained personnel to print & bind your booklets.

E-commerce is not a fad that will fade away. Ordering online has evolved from buying books and CDs online to doing business with some of the largest businesses in the world. Now you can use this great tool to get all your booklets, event programs, product catalogs, newsletters, or training manuals printed online also.

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A baker’s dozen is thirteen, one more than a standard dozen. The expression originated in the thirteenth century when a baker would give 13 loaves or cookies or biscuits for the price of 12. This practice was insurance against “short measure” on the basis that one of the 12 would be damaged, lost, burnt or ruined in some way.

Almost every booklet printer prints more event programs or booklets than the customer’s order to allow for damage during printing and bindery operations. They want to make sure that they ship the number of print programs or booklets the customer ordered. If they have extra booklets after all operations are complete they usually ship them to the customer and charge for the overrun, or keep them for samples to give out to prospective customers.

Booklet Printing, LLC handles our overrun a little differently. We subscribe to the Baker’s Dozen Concept.  When we receive your order for event programs or booklets, we run more than you ordered to insure that we ship your booklet printing order complete. We do not want to end up short of your order quantity. It is very expensive and time consuming to put an order back on press to complete the ordered quantity. It is easier and cheaper to run extra to allow for any damage.

Whenever we have extra print program or booklets over the original order quantity and after all production operations are complete, we ship them to you (at no extra charge). After all, our pricing includes printing extra booklets to allow for damage. If your print program or booklet order goes through without any booklets being damaged, they are yours.

When you receive your order from us, you are likely to see a shrink wrapped package of booklets inside with the following insert:

This is just another way we let you know that you picked the right print program and booklet printer and that your order is appreciated.

Please contact us today for information on our event program and booklet printing services.



You want to make sure that the print program or booklet you envisioned is the booklet you receive. Nobody wants to receive an event program or booklet printing order from his or her booklet printer only to find out that there is a mistake in the printing.  If the mistake is our error, we will reprint the print program or booklet for you at no cost to you, however, we cannot be responsible for low-resolution graphics or spelling or grammar errors.

To help eliminate errors, we offer two different types of proofs, an Online PDF Proof, or a Printed Proof. Both proof types are effective the differences are as follows:



  1. No extra cost
  2. Fast, proof e-mailed back to you within hours.
  3. Shows all copy and color
  4. Shows bleed and all graphics
  5. You can easily forward to others for their approval
  1. Color is not exactly as printed, you are viewing the file in RGB, it is  printed CMYK.
  2. May not show graphic resolution as well as a printed proof. You will  want to make sure all your graphics and photos are high-resolution.


  1. Shows color exactly as printed booklets you will receive.
  2. Graphic and photo resolution is easier to see.
  3. Actual cover and text stock used to print your booklets is used.
  4. All bleed, copy creep, and construction features are shown.
  1. Adds $25.00 to your order.
  2. Delays shipment by at least one day (we ship your booklet proof via Fedex next day air)
  3. Can’t forward to others. We can however give you an Online PDF proof in addition to your printed proof to forward to others who may need to see it.

Booklet Printing, LLC reviews every order for obvious spelling or copy errors, however we are not responsible for proofing your booklet copy. We are just another set of eyes looking at your booklet printing order.

Please contact us today for information on our event program and booklet printing services.



If you are not happy with the booklets we printed for you, please contact us within five days of receipt of your booklets. If we made a mistake on your order, we will reprint your booklets and reship them to you on an expedited basis. Your satisfaction with our printing is paramount to us. We love our work, we want you to love it also.

  • Unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for customer errors such as misspelling, punctuation, design or color errors in your booklets.  We cannot reprint an order at our expense if new files are required.
  • If color is important to you we recommend that you request a printed proof of your booklets to insure a color match you are happy with. Colors you see on your computer screen are RGB, your booklets will be printed CMYK.
  • We cannot be responsible for low-resolution graphic files supplied to us by you. If you downloaded a graphic from the Internet, odds are that it is a low-resolution file. One simple method of checking your graphic files is to enlarge them to see if they are pixilated. If you have time, a printed proof of your file is always a good option.
  • We will reprint your booklets on an expedited schedule if they are damaged in transit. You must notify us immediately upon receipt, and keep the damaged booklets until FedEx can inspect them.

This Guarantee is limited to the reprint of the original booklet file and does not cover any loses or damage incurred by you due to the problems with the printing error.

Please contact us today for information on our event program and booklet printing services.



Event programs and booklets are usually printed for dated events. The gathering of the information and the layout and design of the booklets always seem to take longer than planned. This delay usually ends up making the delivery of your printed booklets a true “rush delivery”

We can help!  We have worked with customers in exactly the same situation thousands of times. We understand the situation and are prepared to help solve your problem.

Our normal delivery schedule for your booklet printing is three days after receipt of approved proof, whether the proof is an e-mailed PDF proof or a printed proof sent to you via next day air. However, shipment of your booklets in three days may be too late for your dated event.

If you have a delivery problem on your booklet printing order, all you have to do is notify us immediately. (Give us a phone call; you will talk to a person, not a computer). We will check our schedule and backlog and let you know immediately if we can process and ship your order within one or two days.

Booklet Printing LLC does not charge extra for this “Rush Delivery Service”. Many of our competitors will charge you different prices for one, two, or three-days.

The only extra charges you may incur are if you request next day or second day air delivery service. We do not charge for normal ground transportation, however we do require you to pay the difference between normal ground and premium air charges.

Please contact us today for information on our event program and booklet printing services.



Our Instant Pricing Calculator on our website was designed to make your pricing of 8.5” x 11” or 8.5” x 5.5” booklets easy and fast. The Calculator will price all of your saddle stitch booklets or plastic coil bound booklets from 4 to 64 pages and quantities of 25 to 500 instantly. it was not designed to price every type or size booklets we can print for you.

There are many more text paper and cover stock options which are not listed but are available to you. We can offer you heavier opaque stocks, matte coated  stocks, colored offset, and many different cover stocks. Recycled stocks from fifteen percent post consumer waste to one hundred percent post consumer waste are also available.

If you need booklets with more pages or different sizes, we can print and bind other booklet sizes and number of pages up to 120 pages saddle stitched booklets and approximately 230 pages plastic coil bound booklets. Perfect bound booklets can go up to 1000 pages if required.

Perfect binding booklets, thermal tape binding for training manuals, index tabs for collated sets which are drilled and placed into three ring binders, perforating, drilling and special folds are also available.

If you need a custom booklet printed with special stocks or features, let us know. Please give us a call at 1-888-491-5765 or email us at info@bookletprint.com and talk to us about your requirements and ideas. We can give you suggestions on binding and stock options, (you will be talking to a highly trained customer service person, not a computer), and we will be happy to send you a no-obligation quotation.

Please contact us today for information on our event program and booklet printing services.



Our Instant Pricing Calculator prices include shipping your order of booklets to all lower 48 states via FedEx Ground Transportation. All booklet orders are shipped within 3-days of approval of a printable PDF file.

Prices do not include shipping next day air, second day air, or third day air. If you require one of these premium transportation services, please contact us for additional costs. You will be required to pay the difference between ground transportation charges and the premium shipping charges only.

NOTE:  We understand that your booklets are usually printed for dated events like event programs, training seminars, or company meetings, etc. The gathering of the information, and the layout and design of your booklet used for the event always seem to be delayed for any number of reasons. These delays, usually caused by outside influences, many times push you into a panic delivery situation. We understand and have worked with thousands of customers in the same situation.

We can help. If you have a delivery problem, all you have to do is notify us immediately. We will check our schedule and backlog. Many times we can push your order up and ship your booklets either same day or the next day. We do not charge extra for this “Rush Delivery” as we don’t want you to pay premium freight charges if we can avoid it. Many of our competitors charge you differently for one day, or two day service.

The map shown below shows ground transport times for booklet printing orders shipped from our plant in Winneconne, WI  54986 to destinations within the lower 48 states.

Please contact us today for information on our event program and booklet printing services.



If you have a booklet or event program you need printed, but are unsure if the file is set up correctly for printing, you are invited to send us your file to review at no obligation to you what so ever. We have handled literally thousands of files, we are good at what we do; why not take advantage of our experience.

We will visually review your file, optimize it, and then actually print it out to insure that all the graphics are high resolution and the file prints correctly. Many times a PDF file looks good but will distort, or a layer may not print.

Often we can correct your file if we find something wrong. We will get back to you with the results of our Free File review so you can decide what you want to do. We do this at no charge or obligation to you.

You want to make sure your booklet or event program prints as you envisioned it. We want you to be happy. All of us here at Booklet Printing, LLC really do enjoy printing and binding booklets and event programs. There is a real sense of pride when we print out a “killer” file. We love it when our customers receive their event programs or booklets and they call us or send an e-mail telling us how much they liked the booklets we printed for them.

It is just important to us as to you that your booklets print exactly as you visualized them.

Please contact us today for information on our event program and booklet printing services.



An Instant pricing Calculator is located on the right side of our website home page (www.bookletprint.com). This Instant Pricing Calculator was designed to make pricing of your saddle stitch booklets or plastic coil booklets very easy. Use the calculator to price 8.5” x 11’ and 8.5” x 5.5” saddle stitch booklets or plastic coil bound booklets with four to sixty four pages and quantities from 25 to 500.

It is easy to use, merely use the drop down windows to tell us the specifications of the booklet or event program what you want to price as follows:

  • Size:  8.5″ x 11″ or 8.5″ x 5.5″
  • No of Pages:  4 to 64 pages
  • Quantity:  Select from list
  • Self Cover:  Select if yes
  • Plus Cover:  Select if yes, Cover stock & Cover Ink will activate.
  • Cover Paper:  Choose from three options
  • Cover Ink:  Choose from five options
  • Text Paper:  Choose from three options
  • Text Ink:  Choose color/color  or black/black
  • Binding:  Saddle stitched or Coil bound
  • 3-Hole Drill:  yes or No
  • Proof:  Two options, Online PDF or Printed Proof

Your total cost will be displayed at the bottom.

If your booklet printing requirements are different than show on our Instant Pricing Calculator, please contact us by e-mail or phone. We have the equipment and trained personnel to handle most of your short-run booklet printing. We don’t want you to think we can only handle booklets priced on the calculator.

All of our prices to you whether priced on our Instant Pricing Calculator or priced individually based upon your custom specifications will include shipping to you via FedEx Ground Transportation.

Please contact us today for information on our event program and booklet printing services.



Low prices are wonderful; we all want to make sure that we are paying “the best price” for our printed booklet. Everyone wants to publish an event program, catalog or newsletter that will attract, inform, and move the reader to action. You want to “knock the socks off” your audience. It would be great if you could do that at the lowest price—sometimes you can.

Booklet Printing, LLC has the equipment, software, systems and trained people which allow us to offer you a price schedule which is very competitive. We also offer many ways to cut your costs and still give you the event program, booklet, catalog or newsletter you envisioned.

The first thing you need to determine is the size of the booklet you are going to print. Should it be 8.5” x 11” or 8.5” x 5.5” or something else? If you use a size other than the standard 8.5” x 11” or 8.5” x 5.5” you run the risk of increasing your costs as your booklet printer will have to use a larger stock size.  Investigate if you can accomplish the same result with a smaller (8.5” x 5.5”) booklet.

Design features such as bleed copy may increase the cost of your booklet, as your booklet printer may have to increase the paper size and have extra trimming costs. We do not charge extra for bleed copy because we have streamlined our paper sizes and order larger quantities to reduce our (and your) cost.

Very fine graphics may require you to use a gloss-coated paper instead of an uncoated opaque stock. Gloss coated paper is more expensive than uncoated opaque. Most type and normal graphics look great when printed on a good uncoated stock.

Is your booklet going to have rough handling by the recipient and require a sturdy cover? Can you get away with a self-cover booklet (cover which is printed on the same paper as the text pages)?  A self-cover is less expensive than a booklet with a heavier cover.

Can you print the cover and the text in black ink?  If your booklet is all type or line graphics and used for training or information only black ink is probably fine.  Is your booklet an advertising piece like an event program with advertising or a product catalog? Then you probably want your booklet to print in color.

If you make your booklet a self-cover 8.5” x 5.5” booklet printed black ink on uncoated opaque stock you can save money. However, always make sure that your booklet does what you need it to do. It is false economy to print a booklet that is designed to be as inexpensive as possible if it doesn’t accomplish what you wanted it for.

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When you call 920-379-4377 or e-mail info@bookletprint.com we guarantee you will get to speak to a real live person (off hours you will get a voice mail, but we will get back to you with a real live person as fast as possible).

Whenever you call Booklet Printing, LLC with a question or a request for information on your booklet printing order, you will always get to talk to a trained person to assist you. When you call or e-mail us you need and want answers or correct information. You don’t need to waste your time talking to a computer. Your questions and your time are as important to us as to you. We won’t waste your time.

We realize that some larger companies may have thousands of calls daily and they cannot give personal attention to every call and they need a computer customer service system. But, now even smaller companies have purchased a computer customer service system also. Apparently they want to give the impression that they are a large company.

We refuse to let you talk to the dreaded computer customer service system. Don’t you just hate making a phone call and talking to a computer?

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  • To meet your digital print needs,
  • To be the very best at what we do,
  • And still have fun while doing it.

There is something to be said for taking pleasure in work and being proud of what we do, especially when it’s done for you.

We have been printing booklets on digital presses since 1993. We are very experienced and learned years ago that you do a better job when you enjoy what you are doing.

Your booklets matter to us, and your order will be handled with the utmost regard to quality and timeliness. From your file to finished booklets, we strive to get it right and in your hands when you need it.

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