(What happens when you ask for a Free File Review?)

It’s a happy moment here at Booklet Printing, LLC when we receive an email telling us you want us to take a look at your booklet or event program printing file. The obvious reason we have an E-Commerce Web Site is to receive orders to print booklets and event programs for customers like you.  The first step towards that order is usually a request for a Free File Review.

Many customers want us to take a look at their booklet printing files before they submit an order to us.  This is very understandable and it is something we really encourage.  The steps we take when we receive your file are as follows:

  • Your request for a free file review and your attached file is received.
  • We save your attachment and your request.
  • Your Booklet printing file is first visually reviewed to make sure it’s the right size and number of pages.
  • We review the bleed copy if any, and check to make sure it is set up correctly. If you wanted bleed and you didn’t give us the standard 1/8″  bleed copy all around the file, we can sometimes enlarge the copy by 2% and then trim it back to the required size. We will let you know if this is possible.
  • We then set  up your file in booklet signatures.  We prefer that you do not try to set your file up in signatures, we like to do that here.
  • Your booklet file is then printed to make sure it prints correctly, that the graphics are high resolution, and that no copy drops off or is positioned incorrectly.  We have found that this is a very important step.  Sometimes a PDF file looks great, but when we print it something distorts or a layer doesn’t print.  If we do find a problem PDF file we can usually correct it here, but we need to know before we tell you everything is OK.
  • A visual review of the copy is done to check for any obvious spelling errors or mistakes.  We are not responsible for proof reading your copy, but we are “another eye” looking at your copy.
  • You are notified of the results of our review and if no problems, encouraged to submit your order.  If we do find problems we work with you to correct them.
  • You submit your booklet printing order using Google Merchant.
  • Your Booklet is shipped to you within three days.

Please contact us today for information on our event program and booklet printing services.