Reunion Book Printing

We’ve all been there. Remember your 10 year high school reunion? Planning your college reunion? Maybe you’re planning your first high school reunion. Take some advice from people who’ve been there before. Printing a reunion book for all of the attendees of your high school or college reunion will make your event go a whole lot smoother. That’s why Booklet Printing recommends printed reunion books.

Refresh old acquaintances. Whenever old friends get together, there are always people who haven’t seen each other since the last reunion. As people change and get older, not only do their memories fade, but their looks change as well. When it comes time to plan your reunion, ask everybody to provide their high school pictures along with current pictures so the attendees can identify with their old friends and flames in a way few can. Printing a reunion book is a good way to not forget your old friends.

Update classmates. How many times do you think you’ll be answering the question “What are you doing these days?” at your reunion? That question isn’t going anywhere. Everyone wants to know what everyone else in the class is doing with their lives. With a printed reunion book you can keep everyone informed at a glance of what your old classmates are doing.

Provide a program for the evening. Most reunions have some sort of prepared program. Whether it’s speeches from the class president and valedictorian or dinner and a presentation of memories from high school, booklet printing a reunion book will help your classmates know what to expect from the night. Your printed reunion book can help you have a clear and easily understandable program.

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