Printing Calendars

At Booklet Printing, we print calendars customized with your design, your style and your personality. A custom printed calendar can present a marketing opportunity like very few other promotional items. Printed calendars can also be a memorable gift for family and friends. Custom printed calendars can be printed as yearly calendars, we can print monthly calendars or we can offer printing for daily calendars as well.

As a marketing tool, booklet printing a calendar can be used as an excellent promotional item that will keep your company’s message front and center with decision makers. Printed calendars can be given away as promotional trade show items, seminar giveaways and pickups for large sales conferences. Printed calendars can enforce your marketing strategy.

Offer your employees  printed  calendars to hang in their offices to keep your message coherent and consistent across your company. With your printed calendar hanging in their offices, your employees have a consistent reminder of your organization’s values and goals. Printing calendars can be an excellent motivational tool for employees. A printed calendar can build a strong and convincing image for your employees and your customers.

Think how many times you’ve walked away from a wedding with a fairly useless favor that you’ll never look at again. Or maybe you received a seemingly sentimental gift from a loved one that loses its sentiment because it’s never looked at again. Booklet printing calendars of your wedding or engagement photos can be a much more appealing wedding favor. Likewise, giving the gift of a printed calendar with pictures of your children, your family and even your animals can be an incredibly sentimental souvenir to your loved ones.

Contact us today for more information about our event program and booklet printing prices and to find out how we can help you print your calendars.