Annual Report Printing

Booklet Printing knows that every corporation and non-profit organization has their fiscal year and many have investors and contributors who want to know how their investments and contributions have been helpful. Printing annual reports lets you inform your investors and contributors of your financial status and dealings for each fiscal year. Printed annual reports should be, as their name suggests, provided yearly and be easy to read and should be thought of as separate sections (but, of course, should be provided to us as one file). Use our online booklet printing services for your printed annual reports.

Here are the sections to focus on before you print your annual report, while you’re creating, designing and writing:

-          Cover. The way you design your cover should clearly reflect your company. Your printed cover has to be professional and representative of your organization. Not only should your logo be prominently placed, but could possibly include pictures of the past year, pictures of recent top level staff additions and should always include the date and year of the report. All pictures will be treated with our full color printing services.

-          Narrative Statements. The narrative section of your printed annual report can sometimes be divided into subsections but should include a company overview, a year-in-review section and a section looking forward into immediate and long term plans, new initiatives and potential new products and services.

-          Financial Statements. Of course, any printed annual report has to include a financial overview of the company and of the year itself. Think of the financial statements as the facts you base your narrative on. Include your income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement, any audit reports and any graphs and charts to support your statements. Don’t forget to have the financial statements clearly organized and presented before starting the booklet printing process.

-          Appendices and References. The last section to focus on before you start printing your annual report is the appendix and reference section.  Any supporting documents or referenced documents should go here, and possibly a glossary of terms referenced in the report to help the reader better understand what they’re reading in your printed report.

Printing annual reports is a vital part of most businesses. Submit your file for review today to find out if your report is ready to be printed by our online booklet printing services or contact us for more information about our booklet printing services or booklet printing prices.